NLP4DH paper out now

The paper “The Great Digital Humanities Disconnect: The Failure of DH Publishing,” which I wrote with Emily Öhman and Mika Hämäläinen for the 3rd International Conference on Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities (December 1–3, 2023 in Tokyo), is now available in the ACL Anthology:


In this paper, we discuss the disconnect in interdisciplinary publishing from a disciplinary divide perspective as to how research is expected to be presented and published according to disciplinary conventions. We argue that this divide hinders interdisciplinary collaboration and even more so the dissemination of research results from interdisciplinary projects to other interdisciplinary researchers. The disconnect is not simply theoretical but also encompasses practical considerations such as manuscript creation standards. The disconnect can also be detrimental to academic careers in terms of evaluations by peers on funding and tenure committees as well as peer reviews. With this analysis, we want to foster further discussion about the state of academic publishing from a digital humanities perspective.