General Description

Includefonts is a filter for the CUPS print system, which embeds the fonts required by PostScript print jobs, given that the PostScript contains the necessary DSC comments and that the required fonts are available on the system.

includefonts queries the printer's PPD file (via the CUPS API) to find out which of the required fonts are resident in the printer and thus don't need to be included. Various options can be used to control the search path and the inclusion of fonts.

If the printer contains a TrueType rasterizer, TrueType fonts are automatically wrapped as Type42 fonts.


Includefonts is based on Helge Blischke's cups_fontfilter. It differs from the original version in the following ways:


Besides CUPS, you need Perl and a C compiler. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the README file contained in the distribution.

Includefonts also requires the following Perl module, which is available from CPAN:

If you want to download TrueType fonts, you also need


includefonts-0.13.tar.gz (47 kB)